His Little Red Truck

​I guess it was finding this truck tucked away in the corner 

That he left behind and

Like an absentee parent

My heart just died

I wanted to put away money

For a court date and 

Demand she release her hostages

Cause everyone deserves a chance to love free

Without paying 

To love family without staying 

And I wanted to sacrifice everything cause that’s

The only way I know how to love

It comes short of my self preservation and respect 

Without that I would 

Cease to exist

But why do some people

Rape you with the idea if love

Only to keep you stranded on the highway no shoes or coat

Pervert ingredients love into a power play

Make you stay when you really to go

Make you go when you to stay
If only I hadn’t found his little 

Toy truck

Maybe I’d forget how much he

Needs to believe in heroes 

With amazing flying capes and a lasso

So everyone would have to tell the truth.
#poetry #poem #family #children #poets #love #SelfLove #love #growth


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