Being Strong Has Its Faults

​There is no applause or accolades for doing what is right or just. No one wants to be reminded of their inadequacy. Solace and distance is a side effect of beating the dragon. Cause eventually people go back to the hum – drum spiral of a societal life. Society brain washes you from birth so completely. They actually have you convinced if you work 40 hours a week, pay your taxes and mortgage your possessions you have achieved success. Convinced that feeling too much, following your passions and being your wild inner child is failure. “Oh why don’t you grow up?” Those crazy labels cause I said more than what was appropriate. I mean we just met. How dare you try to be in touch with your spiritual, sensual, passionate self???

Get in line. Fund your 401 (k) IRA. Pay me to pay you $1.50 an hour for something you never wanted. This is the way of a controlled society. Am I the only one who didn’t take the blue pill?

Am I the only one strong enough to oppose you? Maybe. Maybe I am the only one disgusted here. 

There is no repeated predrawn prerehearsed message here. After all I am just rambling in the crazy way I do. 

#writing #thoughts #PoeticDiaries #poets #life


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