Survive Somehow

When you’ve had the world trying to kill you.

All your trusted turning against you

This armor has been so heavy for so long. Your

Sacrifice of blood, sweat, tears and soul

She changed; she morphed into

Someone she no longer recognized.

But she keep moving one step at a time

The explosions and more everywhere all around

Then the smoke clears and there’s this moment

This epiphany she might live through it

She’s winning; not dying

She’s gonna make it

Feeling strong, she feels invincible

All those mountains she climbed

The gun, she held it

And it left the chamber

She murdered every fear

Every faulty crack

Fighting the ugly ass

Corrosion trying to take

All the brilliant beauty of the wild

Passionate whispers, inspired and unspoken

The mist, the silence

The heart full.

She made it

She can do anything

She didn’t break

She didn’t kill her faith

She’s here

She’s not leaving

She put away the armor

And found a breath

She forgot about the past

For a little while.


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