stagnation (poem)

Because the world was too bright, she thought.

Maybe she should write about stagnation

Procrastination and avoidance

She was good at that

Hiding for the sake of inconceived invisibility

Maybe she should stop speaking in poetry

The simplicity was deafening

This ceased to appease her anymore

Maybe this was evident of the way she wasted time

On no one anymore

It was an easy scape goat

Too busy, too much to do

She was feeding her inequity

Piece by peace

The emptiness was thrilled at 

being so full of nothingness

Blame the blank page on writer’s block

even though she held Enclopedia’s full

of memories and messages.

She should ask her audience what they want to hear

Even though they are not the artists

Please tell me what to play for you

I want to hear the echo of false adulations

To continue my delusion of shallow waters

Worry me not into the throes of 


How did he know how to speak to the dissatisfaction

that would replay for centuries?

God, angels or Satan at his best

that we as humans were destined to repeat 

our own inequities in the shape 

of Stagnation, Procrastination and Avoidance

They play for us don’t they?

Jesters for Fools

Where is the real center

of passion’s grip?

Why do we hide it in the guise of “living”

Help me to help her understand

we don’t create for your applause

we don’t live for the adulation

of pre-packaged and obvious

shallow words you wish to hear

Fool me not as a student of hearing 

lambs praise the wolf for a place

to lay their heads.



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