Systematic System of Silence

Systematic System of Silence

Slowly wafting in solitude

Good-intended gestures attempting

To be a guide to darkness

Coaxing silently with heels dug in

This feeling does not want to leave

A daily struggle of positive lists and negativity

Strong enough to sink the Titanic

She quietly wonders what normal feels like

Has it ever been felt quite randomly?

Possibly while she sleeps …. And does not notice.

This slight appearance of tranquility always has been

A painting to be looked at but never felt

It must be out there but it seems to be locked away

Like Rapunzel in a castle far, far, away.

An encounter with the next place to wander

But the silence eludes the ever-present

Thoughts of alienation of one’s self from

Everyone trying to attach to her brilliance

These are the barnacles on this ship of life

Hardened and resilient to make sure

She does not drown

In a place she knows well

For inches of water are enough to get lost in

Where would she find enough oxygen

To maintain this fight against this Systematic System of Silence?

Supposing princesses and puppies are not enough

To find smiles and joy?

Love should be the bearer against all enemies

Enormous and small

Love should heart the empty away

The swords and armor are enough to smite all shadows

Aren’t they?

Does the silence know more than even the greatest

Of philosophers will admit?

There is where truth, lies and imagination

Swirl endlessly with not much separation nor flight.

Love can bewilder you, if you

Can find a way to embrace the brilliance of it all.



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